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The Screen BC Short Film Award

Presented in cooperation with Creative BC and the Whistler Film Festival, the Screen BC Short Film Award provides one filmmaker with an opportunity to further develop his/her/their directing career by realizing a unique creative vision. Established in 2007, The Award was founded to recognize and celebrate the contribution of film and television to the Province of British Columbia.

The successful candidate receives a $15,000 cash award and in-kind production services up to $100,000 for a short film project.

This annual Award is possible with the generous support of British Columbia’s motion picture production community.  Applications for the Short Film Award open each summer and are administered through Creative BC.


Click on the links below for more on past Screen BC Short Film Award Winners.

2023, easybake, Sasha Duncan

2022, My Roomate Ahriman, Nessa Aref

2019, Wildflower, Heather Perluzzo Director

2018, B-Side, Alayna Silverberg Director

2017, 20 Minutes to Life, Veronika Kurz Director

2016, Good Girls Don’t, Ana de Lara Director

2015, Hoods, Maja Aro Director

2014, Vehicular Romanticide, Andrew Rowe Director

2013, The Future Perfect, Nick Citton Director

2012, True Love Waits, Jon Ornoy Director

2011,Beauty Mark, Mark Ratzlaff Director

2010,Joanna Makes a Friend , Jeremy Lutter Director

2009, Move Out Clean, Kelly-Ruth Mercier Director

2008,The Gray Matter, Steven Deneault Director

2007, The Light of Family Burnam, Marshall Axani Director

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